Foam Dividers and Foam Partitions

If you already have an inventory of containers at your disposal, going out and buying new ones isn’t the most appealing idea. And yet your existing containers aren’t meeting your needs. In fact, the contents you are storing in them may in fact be starting to become damaged or broken as a result of jarring and bumping during movement and transport. What to do?

There is a way to save your contents and keep your existing containers too. Foam dividers and partitions bridge the divide, offering protection to your stored items without requiring you to invest in expensive new containers. That is because these foam dividers and partitions are designed to fit snuggly inside your totes and other containers to provide maximum cushioning for even the most delicate contents.

These dividers and partitions come in a variety of options to meet almost every conceivable storage need. Following are some of the foam divider varieties customers can select from:

  1. Foam Lined Corr Cartons – Business owners whose storage requirements encompass fragile products will never look at corrugated paper boxes again. While made of the same inexpensive corrugated cardboard, Corr visit:- cartons can be lined top, bottom and sides with anti-stat urethane foam to provide superior cushioning at a low price point.
  2. Foam Divider U-Pads – If your storage needs encompass small items that have a tendency to roll around inside their container, U-pad foam dividers offer individual compartments for each item with the added security of an attached bottom pad.
  3. Foam Divider with Cell Supports – One step above U-pads, cell-supported foam dividers and trays provide the same individual compartments with diecut support in each cell.
  4. Foam Divider with Channel – When all-around compartmental protection is necessary, channeled foam dividers may be your storage container solution. In addition to bottom and side padding, they offer top edge protection.
  5. Foam Divider with Evolon – Evolon rolled edge laminate is an add-on feature of these dividers.
  6. Foam Endcaps – For the containment of larger objects that fill most of the storage container’s space but not all of it, foam endcaps fill in the gaps, providing part support and 360-degree protection against damage and breakage.
  7. Foam in Case – For protective benefits inside and out, foam in cases have a hard shell exterior with a padded interior. A convoluted (egg crate) plastic case, these containers are lined top and bottom with urethane foam.
  8. Pad Set with Foam -Waterjet-cut XLPE foam is hot melt glued into this container type.
  9. Pad with Foam – This divider incorporates PP Plastic Pad with XLPE foam rails glued to the interior.
  10. Pad with Foam Rails – A plastic U-Pad molded tote, this foam partition has foam rails inside.
  11. PE Foam Endcaps – Diecut and heat welded, these endcaps are made of protective PE foam.
  12. Plastic Tray with Foam Rails – This corrugated divider tray is lined with rails that offer cutout security for parts of unique sizes.
  13. Stackable Tray with Foam – Laminated foam diecuts divide this tray into individual compartments. Purchase multiples to allow stacking of your contents, thereby saving you space.
  14. Tote with Divider – A rod locked divider provides the ultimate in cushioning to deep-pocketed plastic totes.
  15. Tote with Foam Insert – Stackable DSC with PE anti-static foam diecut
  16. Tray with PE Foam Rails – DSC tray with diecut PE rails

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