Getting Pulled Into The Funnel

The best place to start is always at the beginning so I will go over how I became involved with internet marketing. A sales funnel is basically a way of looking at the whole internet sales process in a systematic and logical way.

As the internet has such a huge number of sales prospects, a clear overview of what is happening with them all is even more important. The sales funnel is also a good way of looking at the sales process to determine what parts of the process you may be missing.

Anyway, to my journey through the funnel. Initially my interest in starting a small home business was aroused by a newspaper advertisement placed by a multi-level marketing distributor, although this did not become clear until clickfunnels certification review after I had contacted them. Even then I was not given the name of the company but I managed to figure it out, there are not that many MLMs out there dealing with dietary supplements.

When viewing what had happened in the context of a sales funnel I had been presented with a new opportunity, established the initial communication and then began fact finding, at which point I fell out of the funnel for that particular MLM. For the distributor that would have been a good thing as I was not a good prospect and for me to carry on further would have wasted the distributors time.

During my research I was in a forum and clicked on a link in a post and hit the landing page of a member of an internet marketing organization and began my trip down another tunnel. I was presented with a new opportunity which I was interested in so I filled out a form with my email address which was my initial communication. I was presented with several videos which presented a problem and suggested a solution at which point I could make a response that wold move me further down the funnel or if I didn’t respond I would escape out the side.

To this point my contact had basically been automated but as I moved down I encountered more personalized contact and moved into the negotiation area, then I finally moved into making the purchase, or in my case, becoming a member.

Basically that was my journey through the funnel to become a member of an internet marketing organization, interestingly this particular organization has several hours of video training on sales funnels and how they are used in internet marketing.


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