How to Prevent Rusting on Metallic Corner Shelves

Corner shelf is one of the competent furniture used for decorative and utilization purpose. It provides additional space for items and tidies up the room. Since the usefulness of corner shelf is to hold other objects on, shelves that made of metal are popular. This is due to their strength and modern looking appearance.

Metals, however, have a major disadvantage. Even though they are strong, they usually undergo chemical reaction with moisture and oxygen in the process we call rusting. Rust is a serious threat to metallic corner shelves. It can stain the shelves surface. It renders the shelves weaker or even destroys the structure completely. To effectively prevent this phenomenon we must understand its mechanism. Since iron is the most used metal for metallic corner shelves, it is the good example. The chemical reaction of iron rusting is as follows. First, iron react with oxygen and water to give ferrous ion and hydroxide ion. Ferrous ion then reacts with oxygen, water and some more hydroxide ion to Stop Rust give ferric hydroxide. Finally, ferric hydroxide is dehydrated to give ferric oxide, which is rust.

To prevent rust, we must stop aforementioned process in some ways. Fortunately, there are many methods of rust prevention. Some methods are suitable for corner shelves while the others are not. In this article, we will discuss about them point by point.

The most effective method is to choose corner shelf that made of stainless steel. The stainless steel has chromium as one of its composition. When chromium reacts with water and oxygen, it becomes chromium oxide which acts as protective layer. This layer insulates oxygen from the inner mass, and therefore stops the reaction. New protective layer can also be formed when old layer is scratched out. However, stainless steel shelves cannot tolerate acid rain. Therefore, they should be kept indoor.

Another similar method is to coat the metal with non-rusting material. This method includes chromium plating, tin plating, plastic coating and simple painting. Lacquer also does the job well. It should be noted that scratch and impact can remove the protection of the certain area and rusting can occur there. Cathodic protection is another way of rust prevention. It is done by applying sacrificial metal which have low electrochemical reduction potential. The sacrificial metals such as aluminum, zinc and magnesium will corrode and give electron to the base metal to prevent it from rust. Despite of its effectiveness on ships and pipelines, the method is not practical for corner shelves protection.

The last method is also the easiest. It’s to keep the moisture out of corner shelves. Put the shelves in dry and air-conditioned room. The rust formation will be slowed down significantly. Although the method does not work in some place such as bathroom, it has almost no cost. Thus, always use this method when it can be done. In the conclusion, we know that metal also degrades like other materials and there are many ways to prevent that. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. What we should do is to choose the suitable shelves, place the shelves in the good place, and quickly apply the fix when needed.

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