Keeping the Funnel Full in the Recruiting Process

Do you fill your funnel in your recruiting process of your business? The recruiting process is all about the beans. It’s not about you until you can fill the funnel with beans and can have eyes and people to expose your business to.

Don’t confuse exposing the business with spamming. The recruiting process is not about spamming a mass of random people and expecting results. Just because you put a bucket outside doesn’t mean you will collect water. You have to find the rain.

So what steps does it involve?

1) Fill the beans

When you figure out your target audience and market, that’s when you can put your bucket out there and attract leads. clickfunnels review & complaints But filling the bean jar or funnel is not just about online beans. There are lots of beans offline that can be put in to your funnels. Putting your offline beans in to the recruiting process is a tool that is under-utilized by network marketers. It really saves you a lot of time in the recruiting process because you can put the fence-sitters and maybes in to the funnel to put them off until later. Stay efficient and keep working with qualified beans.

2) Sort the beans

So when you have a funnel full of beans, what do you do next? The recruiting process is about qualifying and sorting your beans. Use different indicators to sort prospects and work with the most qualified first, and then work your way down the list. For me, I use 6 indicators:

– Discretionary income

– Time

– Well-connected

– Network marketing experience

– Small business owner

– Magnetic personality

3) Go through your beans

Find out which of your beans is interested in product, the business, referrals, or all three. The last step of the recruiting process is to go through those sorted beans one by one and figure out who is ready to go. If your funnel is set up properly, it can actually make this process quite simple because only the most qualified beans will come through. Then schedule calls, webinars, or in-person meetings to close the deal and answer objections.

Seems simple and straightforward enough, no? The most important aspect of the recruiting process is to KEEP THE FUNNEL FILLED. I’ve caught network marketers who have a fantastic prospecting and filling week, and fill their funnel with 30-50 names. Then they get so busy sorting and going through those beans, that they forget to keep filling the funnel!

Social Consequences When Real True Revival Breaks Out – Can This Happen In Our Day?

It has been a most wonderful privilege to teach the Book of Acts twice, in a Bible College in Wales, where the Revival of 1904 started, and to visit some of the salient sites where the blessing of Almighty God was experienced in such an amazing manner. Most people have heard of the Welsh Revival which started in 1904. It began as a movement of prayer.

Seth Joshua, the Presbyterian evangelist, came to Newcastle Emlyn College where a former coal miner, Evan Roberts aged 26, was studying for the ministry. O Avivamento de Gales The students were so moved that they asked if they could attend Joshua’s next campaign nearby. So they cancelled classes to go to Blaenanerch where Seth Joshua prayed publicly, ‘O God, bend us.’

Evan Roberts went forward where he prayed with great agony, ‘O God, bend me.’ Upon his return he could not concentrate on his studies. He went to the principal of his college and explained, ‘I keep hearing a voice that tells me I must go home and speak to our young people in my home church. Principal Phillips, is that the voice of the devil or the voice of the Spirit?’

Principal Phillips answered wisely, ‘The devil never gives orders like that. You can have a week off.’ So he went back home to Loughor and announced to the pastor, ‘I’ve come to preach.’

The pastor was not at all convinced, but asked, ‘How about speaking at the prayer meeting on Monday?’
He did not even let him speak to the prayer meeting, but told the praying people, ‘Our young brother, Evan Roberts, feels he has a message for you if you care to wait.’ Seventeen people waited behind, and were impressed with the directness of the young man’s words.

Evan Roberts told his fellow members, ‘I have a message for you from God.

* You must confess any known sin to God and put any wrong done to others right.

* Second, you must put away any doubtful habit.

* Third, you must obey the Spirit promptly.

* Finally, you must confess your faith in Christ publicly.’

By ten o’clock all seventeen had responded. The pastor was so pleased that he asked, ‘How about your speaking at the mission service tomorrow night? Midweek service Wednesday night?’

He preached all week, and was asked to stay another week. Then the break came.